You could make your book go viral this way. Will you?

Clayton J. Hester
2 min readAug 10, 2022

The internet has opened up new realms of storytelling.

The ways of delivering fiction are plentiful, from serial fiction to audio drama to short films.

But we have to ask — how do certain mediums deliver certain ideas?

And what ways can still be found to tell stories?

Serial fiction has become a new route of publishing your book.

Whether it’s via a newsletter or just on social media, there’s a lot of possibilities to be considered.

A great example below 👇

@novelleist writes great fiction and she’s also by far one of the most powerful voices talking about how to experiment with fiction mediums.

Here, she talks about an experimental project that she did a bit ago.

Next, audio drama is near and dear to my heart.

I used to run a college organization producing them.

This medium revives the radio dramas of yesteryear via podcasting.

Audio dramas are the sonic “theatre of the mind.”

It falls to the creators of the audio drama to ensure that through storytelling, writing, sound design, music, and presentation, the story unfolds through and between the ears of the listener.

Follow Soundwright Spotlight to follow the world of audio drama:

Webcomics are a wonderful means to storytelling.

Through drawing and a nice blend of episodic and serial storytelling, you can tell your story powerfully and beautifully.

Webtoons or Instagram — it’s all possible.

A great example below 👇

I believe I stumbled onto this great one late last year.

TikTok short films are an artform unto themselves.

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