This thinking technique will help you find your niche

Clayton J. Hester
2 min readFeb 25, 2022
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Are you a gardener and businessperson?

Are you a poet and a podcaster?

Are you a pastor and a TikToker?

How do you apply the things you’re about to your niche?

That’s the real question here.

Perhaps you turn your business world in some more down-to-earth and gardening-based (natural lighting is king, after all).

Perhaps you turn your podcast into some sort of extended prose poem, attaching the rhythms and structure to your delivery.

And being on TikTok… well it just seems like the kind of place where folks need to hear the gospel.

So here’s what will help you find your niche: lateral thinking.

Lateral thinking is all about applying unusual or unlikely elements together to get something new.

So lateral thinking is capable of bringing together new audiences through the sheer novelty of your concepts.s

These different ways of expressing yourself also gives you an opportunity to identify with you and relate to your dreams.

I mean, if you’ve always wanted to be a podcaster, maybe this helps you move forward in that direction.

If you’ve dreamed of being an artist or something more abstract, TikTok’s your place!

You can win people here who are interested in art by just doing what comes naturally to you.

Or perhaps you can be a hymnist and have an Instagram following!

In fact, I know a few people who do this very thing!

Start exploring what you’re meant for by going to this community of creators!

Community is just another way of saying “home.” So find your home!

Here are some ideas about how your unique combinations of self-expresion can reach people.

Business value

Taking the example above still, perhaps your passion is to help hobbyists like gardeners turn their production into a business.

This can help people, and it allows you to express your ideas.

Lifestyle value

Maybe your goal is to help ranchers who live out in the sticks as they run an art business.

Then your goal is essentially about helping other people live the sorts of lives they want to while pursuing the dreams they have.

Personality/Aesthetic value

Maybe you just make your own curiosities a part of your brand.

For instance, perhaps you’re a biker and a freelance journalists.

Maybe you go around interviewing people.

Maybe it sounds like a gimmick.

But gimmicks are seriously underrated.

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