Overwhelmed with unfinished projects? Here’s seven tips to get you on course

Clayton J. Hester
3 min readFeb 28, 2022
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How do you go about fixing the problem of leaving too many projects unfinished?

The input I’m hearing is that it’s important to focus on one project at a time.

This is difficult, as you already know the world is teeming with inspiration.

There’s always another project waiting.

One of the ideas I’ve mentioned before is “DaVinci Syndrome,” which I first encountered from Peter Burke’s book “The Polymath: A Cultural History.”

“DaVinci Syndrome” is the condition in which one’s ideation outpaces their implementation.

In other words, it’s when you’re carried from unfinished project to unfinished project.

That’s a shame. And if that sounds like your situation, here are some ideas about how to rearrange your process to be more productive.

Give yourself the right to say no

This is a tough one. Because when a good idea seizes us, how do we refuse it?

Maybe instead of saying no, we just let yourself say, “Not now.”

Focus on the number one thing

This tip I can credit to the The ONE Thing Podcast. Geoff Woods encourages folks to prioritize the one thing each day that would move them along in reaching their goals. Ask yourself: what can I do today that would make the next step easier? Break down your goals into a step-by-step plan and use it to pursue your goals.

Combine ideas in order to strengthen ideas

Sometimes it’s best to merge different projects to make them stronger.

I may be working on a series of blog posts exploring the theme of “failure.” However, I can also turn to my notes from other articles and see what would make sense in this context. Maybe there’s content from another article I could add here. Or maybe I can combine two different thoughts into one larger idea.

Plan out your day

This one aligns with the step-by-step plan. The key is knowing the answer to the question, “what will I accomplish today?” So when you’re starting your day, writing your to-do list is a great way to focus in on the…

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