Here’s a new way to journey into creativity, innovation, and the world of ideas

Clayton J. Hester
2 min readApr 14, 2022
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Hello folks!

It’s been a great joy to dive into the world and art of creativity with you all these past several weeks.

This isn’t about going away or anything like that — at least not for long.

I am going to restock my supply of writing and begin again in order to make writing here on Medium manageable.

This has been a lot of fun, and I intend to come back in full force — with more extended content.

I’m frankly tired of playing the Medium game, with all of its rules for luring titles and its catchy ideas.

Medium needs something fresh and less shallow and meta.

I’ll be doing that here.

It’s time for more serious writing.

Which is why I’m also thrilled to announce my new Substack publication on all things creativity, innovation, and ideas: Taking It Laterally.

My friends, you’re cordially invited to join me as I provide a travelogue of the world of humanities, social sciences, and arts.

All good creatives have got to be thinkers and doers.

What I write to you all is about the thinking end of things.

I often find myself posing more questions than settling on answers.

That’s part of the dialectical romp, though. That’s the fun part.

So join me, won’t you? Let’s set off and explore.

Book your ticket by following me on Medium and adding your email list to my newsletter at Taking It Laterally.

It won’t be long before we set off on our journey.

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